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From time to time we will be posting photos that we have and know very little about. If you know anything about the photos please email us at curator@division4halloffame.com or register for an account and leave us a comment on this photo.


Who is the driver? Who owned the car? Where and when was the photo taken?


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  1. Curator says:

    Thank you to Dale Schafer and Gary Min for identifying the car above as Bobby Langley’s “Scorpion” dragster. The photo is believed to have been taken in Amarillo, TX.

  2. Curator says:

    Thank you to Connell Miller for the following information “I believe the car is the Scorpion, owned and driven, of course, by Bobby Langley. Don’t know for sure, but it probably is #4, the one he raced before Scorpion V. The “V” car has now been restored and is seen at various events and cacklefests promoted by the Texas Timing Association.”

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