Doug Wright

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Doug Wright was first introduced to drag racing in the early 1970’s. He competed at Bill Hielscher’s Green Valley Raceway in Richland Hills, Texas. Doug was hired by Bill to be one of his track officials and continued to work at different positions at the track until it closed.

At that time NHRA division director, Dale Ham offered him a job on the Division 4 certification team. Doug quickly became the “go to guy” to handle any problems that would occur during the race and he continues that position within the division today.

Doug is proud of the fact that he has missed only two divisional races in 20 years, has worked every bracket final race in the division’s history, and maintains close friendships with fellow crew members, track operators and racers that he has made over the last 20 years.

He is an SFI certified chassis inspector, and has twice been awarded the Division 4 Good Guy award.

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