2008 Champions Banquet Winners

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2008 NHRA South Central Division Champions Banquet
Award Winners

Driver of the Year Wrench of the Year
Aaron Tatum TAD Joe Monden TAD
Steve Harker TAFC Janelle Harker TAFC
Scott Benham COMP Brian Self COMP
Jerry Emmons SS Harvey Emmons Jr. SS
Jarrod Granier STOCK Charlie Ford STOCK
Travis Prudhomme SC Rick Prudhomme SUPERS
Rustin Mayse SG Clayton Hagan TS
Greg Parson SST Britt Cummings TD
Keith Raftery TS Craig Treble BIKE
Monroe Guest TD
Craig Treble BIKE

Track of the Year – Texas Raceway
Track Manager of the Year – Isaac Ebrom
Most Improved Track – Texas Motorplex
Sponsor of the Year – Lucas Oil
ET Driver of the Year – Bart Nelson
Rookie of the Year – Shelby Latino
Good Guy Award – Lloyd Parfait
Crawford Benham Award – Olan and Judy Gotcher
Be a Member Be a Winner – Texas Raceway
National Dragster Contributor – Alfonso Acevedo