Division IV Hall of Fame Launches New Website

January 8, 2009 by  
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The south Central region of the US has a long and illustrious history of drag racers, and drag racing machinery prior to 1980. That history is reflected in the NHRA Division Four Hall of Fame, which until recently was housed in the pits at the Texas Motorplex.

The space demands of the modern National Event has taken that space, but Billy Meyer has embarked on a project to allow even more race fans to experience that history. To rejuvenate the Hall, the Motorplex is reaching out to living Hall of Fame members, and the families of those who have laid the groundwork for this sport.

If you are an NHRA Division 4 Hall of Fame member, or family member, please send your current contact information to:

Glenn Menard at: menard@texasmotorplex.com or curator@division4halloffame.com, or P.O. 1439, Ennis, TX 75120; or by fax 972-878-1848.

Glenn Menard
Texas Motorplex

Phone: 972-878-2641 Fax: 972-878-1848

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